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A huge multi site with a rich history, featuring over 50 buildings through different eras dating back from the 1770s set within UK’s most impressive Napoleonic fortress. Within its walls a large prison with a fully functional cell block and barracks in addition to many support facilities. The site has a large car park ideally suited unit base. Being only an hour away on the fast train from St. Pancras it’s a quick journey to London. The main prison block dating back from the 1970s is the only one in private ownership in the UK the other 14 are active prisons within Her Majesty’s prison service.

Most recently it has been used as a borstal, prison and immigration detention centre up until its closure in 2015. Prior to that it was used as a barracks during both world wars. Given its rich history, this location features architecture from a wide range of time periods and a huge contrast between a modern prison and a forgotten wartime barracks.

Key features of the site:
Locations within include over 50 buildings:
Prison wings / prison cells
Guard room
Disused Gymnasium
Disused canteen
Disused astroturf football / basketball cage
WWII bunkers
Disused network of underground tunnels
Officers’ Quarters
Variety of disused workshops
Disused armoury
Well and pump house
Disused rifle range
Barrack huts
Fortified casemate’s

Other Info:
Highest point in Dover
No risk of theft (24/7 on-site security)
Impressive 360 views over English Channel and Dover area
Grade 2 listed accommodation building and gate house
Good access to road, rail and ferry networks
Located 1 mile from the town centre and Dover Priory station
33 acres / 13 hectares
Owner is very film friendly

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